Led by Professor Jackie Y. Ying, we are a Singapore-based multidisciplinary lab-incubator that is committed to improving lives through scientific discovery and technological innovation. We work closely with hospitals and industry to shape the future of medicine, food security, environmental monitoring and energy. Our research focus includes high-precision drug delivery vehicles, biocompatible materials for cell culture and medical use, portable detection kits for infectious diseases and food pathogens, intelligent sensors for environmental pollutants and food fraud, organs-on-chip for toxicology testing, advanced agritech, and innovative energy storage solutions.

Research Areas


We synthesize 2D and 3D nanostructured materials with enhanced electrochemical properties to meet the strong global demand for efficient and safe battery technology.


We engineer biomimetic materials to enhance cell growth and controlled differentiation, improve therapeutics delivery, prevent implant fouling, and enhance medical treatment.


We incorporate nanosystems in device fabrication to facilitate the rapid and accurate detection of diseases, food pathogens, contaminants, and environmental pollutants.


We develop a microsieve to isolate circulating tumor cells based on cell size and pair it with nanoprobes for companion diagnostics in the detection of genes associated with breast, cervical, colorectal, stomach, pancreatic, bladder and prostate cancers, and leukemia.


We develop microorganisms as natural, eco-friendly fertilizers that promote plant growth and synthesize green microparticles for the controlled release of nutrients in soil and cocopeat plugs.


We develop novel safety screening models, microphysiological systems and organoid based technologies to predict organ toxicities in humans, monitor environmental toxicants, and develop personalized therapies.