NBL is delighted to congratulate Prof Jackie Ying on receiving two international awards in December 2019. She was elected Honorary Member of the Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA) at the 56th General Assembly Meeting in Ankara, Turkey on 29 December. This merit-based award is for distinguished foreign scientists who have been nominated by a principal member of the Academy. In 2018, Prof Ying was the only female TÜBA Academy award recipient and the first woman to win the TÜBA Academy Prize in Science and Engineering Sciences for her pioneering work in the synthesis of advanced nanostructured materials for biomedical, catalytic, energy and advanced materials applications. Earlier on 11 December, Prof Ying received the distinguished Yee-Fong Lectureship award from National Taiwan University’s Department of Chemistry for her keynote lecture at the 18th Asian Chemical Congress in Taipei, Taiwan.

“I am very honored by these recognitions, which should be shared with the talented and dedicated staff at the NanoBio Lab in Singapore. Our team has been working on diagnostic devices and nanomedicine, and more recently on battery and food testing. We will continue to devote our efforts towards bringing new technologies to market, so that they can impact people’s lives,” said Prof Ying, who was named as one of One Hundred Engineers of the Modern Era by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and was elected to the US National Academy of Inventors. An acclaimed researcher, Prof Ying is widely recognized for her inventions, which have led to over 180 patents and patent applications. 32 of her inventions have been licensed to multinational companies and start-ups for diverse applications including nanomedicine, drug delivery, medical implants, cell and tissue engineering, bioassays and medical devices.